10 Creative Ideas for Christening Party Favors

10 creative ideas for christening party favors in a gift registry
10 creative ideas for christening party favors in a gift registry

Your child’s christening is an important part of your journey as parent and child. This is why people celebrate it with you and often bring gifts for the baby to wish them well.

Having a christening gift registry helps guests determine what to give your child, so you must create one before the event. Add items to your wishlist, such as a baby gym, a band toy, or a baby drawer.

In return, it is customary to give christening party favors to guests who attend your child’s baptism ceremony. Here are 10 creative ideas you can consider.

A solemn remembrance of the occasion

Give them something that reflects the solemnity and significance of this occasion for you. 

  1. A bookmark with a prayer on it, including an image of your baby and the christening date
  2. A small sterling silver cross or religious charm

Fun and festive treats

Make it fun by giving away treats they can eat or drink at home. Include a small card with the baby’s name and christening date. 

  1. A miniature bottle of champagne or wine
  2. Chocolate-dipped strawberries or cookies
  3. Mason jars filled with loose-leaf tea
  4. Baby socks with a small snack pack tucked inside

Useful, feel-good tokens

It’s also great to give your guests something they can use or enjoy afterward to remember the occasion fondly.

  1. Customized lip balms with the baby’s name and party date
  2. Scented candles with colors matching the party’s theme
  3. Small soaps or lotion bottles with baby powder scent
  4.  A small potted flower plant
gift registry for baby christening

These tokens will show your guests how much you appreciate them taking the time to celebrate this special occasion with you and giving your child something from your christening gift registry. Pick the party favors of your choice and prepare them for your guests!

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