5 Unique Ideas for a Wedding Party


Are you considering a non-traditional wedding party, or something more unique? Here are five ideas for one that will help you stand out from the crowd.

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Match your unique wedding theme with unique wedding registry ideas, including items such as a four-seater dining set in oak, a slim shoe cabinet, and a glass table lamp in your wishlist.

Sunday brunch

Instead of a traditional reception hall, opt for a relaxed brunch buffet in the late morning or early afternoon. The cozy atmosphere will be perfect for meeting and greeting family and friends.

Karaoke reception

Have your guests sing to you on your special day! Invite everyone in attendance to grab a karaoke mic and serenade you with their favorite tune.

Garden party

If you’re lucky enough to have access to a beautiful outdoor space, make use of it! Invite your family and friends to enjoy refreshments in the garden while they celebrate your union.

Backyard BBQ

What could be more fun than a cookout on your special day? Have your guests enjoy great barbecue and lawn games in the backyard. Prepare to turn on some cozy lighting as the party eases into a more relaxed gathering at sundown.

Picnic in the park

For a rustic, romantic feel, host an outdoor picnic in the park. Set up blankets and baskets filled with treats for everyone to enjoy.

No matter what type of wedding party with unique wedding registry ideas you choose, it’s sure to be a memorable day. With these five ideas, you’ll surely have a one-of-a-kind celebration!

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