5 Unique Ways to Celebrate the New Year

5 unique ways to celebrate the New Year
5 unique ways to celebrate the New Year

As the New Year approaches, many people are looking for ways to celebrate in unique and exciting ways. Here are five ideas to get you started.

1. Start a New Year gift-giving tradition

Exchanging gifts is not just limited to Christmas parties. You can make it part of your New Year celebration, too.

The theme can be as simple as gift ideas for something useful in the Philippines, such as a mattress pad, a panini sandwich press, or an electric air pot. Everyone creates a wishlist in their own gift registries and shares it with everyone, so others know what to get for them.

SM Gift Registry sandwich press and airpot

2. Host a game night.

Board games, card games, and even party games can be fun. Serve goof food and a selection of drinks to make it a complete evening of entertainment.

3. See the New Year’s Eve fireworks in another city or country.

Why not plan a trip and see amazing fireworks displays in another place? No matter where you go, find a spot with a good view of the sky and enjoy the show!

4. Camp out on a roof deck or in your backyard.

Bring out sleeping bags, baskets of food, and beverage coolers. You can even set up a small bonfire for roasting if it’s safe.

5. Make a vision board with loved ones.

Gather old magazines, pairs of scissors, and tubs of glue. Have everyone work on a personal vision board for the new year. It’s very empowering to do, especially when surrounded by loved ones!

Welcoming the New Year is one of the most important occasions we celebrate with people who matter to us.

In gift-giving, make sure you give and receive something useful by providing gift ideas in the Philippines through a wishlist. Start planning your New Year celebration now!

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