9 RACI Matrix Examples for Project Management

For instance it is possible that the executive sponsor wants to be the one to meet the client to gain approval or discuss the requirements. It’s important to keep track of exactly who will be working on a certain task or project. Examples are the sponsor, project manager, team members, analysts and more. The RACI Matrix has a fixed design, with the raci meanings names of functional roles on the horizontal axis and the various tasks, activities, the achievements to be delivered and responsibilities on the vertical axis. We must distinguish between a functional role and individual people. Smartsheet is a spreadsheet-inspired project management platform with powerful collaboration and communication features.

  • Across all of these subtasks, Natalie and Anji are responsible for individual tasks that contribute to the goal of building design and animations.
  • It is clear, though, that Mum has to be consulted while they make their choices.
  • The “C,” or consulted individual, is the knowledge-holder on the team.
  • In essence, for each one task, one of the members on the team must be held responsible.
  • For this software, Henry is responsible for the particular feature requiring integration, Dayna and Audry are consulted, Tom is accountable, and Mark needs to be informed on the software development process.

After all, that’s how you’re going to get the most out of the process, right? That’s because you’ll be able to fill in how far you’re getting on an assignment and what still needs to be done within each task. You can do that by starting with the overarching project or goal you want to create. Name your project and start working on the dates and the specific tasks that need to be performed. You can do this easily, without having to assign them at the start. That’s going to give you a whole lot more freedom as you work.‍Creating the tasks before you start assigning them allows you to work out what needs to be done without getting distracted.

What is the RACI Matrix?

TeamGantt makes it easy to build a project plan your whole team can contribute to and collaborate on, with RACI assignments built right in. And because everything happens online, you can stay on top of deadlines and keep up with project progress in real time. Go down the list of tasks on your RACI matrix, and assign a role to every person who will be involved in that project step or deliverable. Here’s a sample RACI chart for a project that involves delivering a slide deck for an upcoming presentation the marketing manager is giving.

raci meanings

The individual(s) or groups who need to be informed after a decision or action is taken. The individual(s)or groups to be consulted prior to a final decision or action. The individual(s) who actually completes the task, the action/implementation. Are you an Excel https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ or Google Sheets user looking to take advantage of the RACI matrix? An Excel-formatted template from Project Management Docs can be just the solution for you. This template is a great template for users who want a chart that comes in a pre-formatted structure.

RACI Chart: Definition, guide and examples

Tackle complex projects with Wrike’s award-winning project management software. Break projects into simple steps, assign tasks to team members, and visualize progress with Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and calendars. Manage resource allocation and forecasting with software that’s easy to launch. Automation and AI features strip away time-consuming admin tasks so you can do the best work of your life. Streamline your practices, align your team, and ensure you hit deadlines and stay on budget.

As you add or adjust tasks, your team can help to identify any gaps or overlaps in responsibilities. Use task management features in Confluence to assign tasks and responsibilities to team members, then delegate further in Trello or Jira. Additionally, team managers can run the Roles and Responsibilities Play with their teams to clarify individual responsibilities and find gaps that need to be filled. Creating and validating a RACI matrix can be a useful tool for monitoring and controlling project progress and quality. It can help facilitate effective communication and collaboration between the project team and stakeholders, delegate tasks, manage risks, track progress, and report performance.

Responsibility Matrix vs. Project Plan

The last thing you want is to pile undue pressure on a few individuals as they pick up the slack of others. The Wrike RACI model template allows you to kick-start your project the right way and prepare accordingly. Plus, with Wrike’s 360-degree visibility, your project will be completely transparent, meaning external stakeholders can stay up to date. For instance, some may only require you to specify who’s responsible and accountable. The first step is to compile a list of everyone involved in the project.

RACI most typically stands for ”Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed.” Stakeholders play different roles during a project, which can be broken into the following levels of accountability. A RACI matrix is a diagram identifying and recognizing each team members’ level of involvement in major project tasks. Other names for a RACI (pronounced ‘racey’) matrix are a RACI chart, RACI diagram, Responsibility Assignment Matrix, and Responsibility Matrix. The acronym RACI stands for responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed. When you make any updates, always review the roles and responsibilities of each team member.

Step 5: Assign a RACI value to everyone on every task

This powerful solution is often used with PRINCE2 project management and the LEAN method. The RACI Matrix or RACI chart can be used to have good insight into the various participants of the project and their individual responsibilities during a (complex) project. After the RACI chart is prepared, perform horizontal and vertical analysis. This will remove ambiguities in assigning roles for work packages or activities.

raci meanings

In contrast, the RACI diagram is a concise visual reference that only addresses responsibilities for major project tasks. These terms describe the different levels of involvement team members has on project tasks. You may have multiple responsible individuals for one task; make sure you balance this appropriately and make it clear exactly who should be doing what at each stage of the process.

Learn how project management software can help you

To overcome any possible deficiencies in any task, RACI-VS allows marking those roles as “V” who will scrutinize the quality and correctness of a given specific task. And to supervise both “V” and “R” | “A” roles, there will be a role “S”-Sign-off who will provide the task completion verdict by approving it. Informed – These are people who need to be kept in the loop during the project life-cycle. Due to their status as a project stakeholder or the fact they will be impacted by the project, they will need to be informed about progress, at all stages, up-to and including project completion. There can be multiple people responsible for a task and if help is needed, they may ask a supportive member(s) to assist.

raci meanings

Also, make sure that you assign each task within the chart and within the project to the right people. You’re going to find that your project goes a great deal better when you know how to assign tasks in the right way. Make sure you’re utilizing all of the features of Instagantt and the RACI chart that you’re working with and you could see a big difference in your business. Make sure that you have the right people built into your team and then start assigning them.

What Is a RACI Chart? How to Use RACI to Define Project Roles

So, in some projects there might be no C’s at all, and in others several. You can see that your mom, dad, and all the guests only need to be informed about when and where the celebration will be. While we can tell them which band will play or what types of flowers have been chosen, their input is not needed for the success of those tasks. These terms clarify the expectations for each team member’s level of involvement for a task.

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