Awesome Personalized Gift Ideas For the Holidays

personalized gift items philippines
personalized gift items philippines

The idea of personalized gifts is that you’re making a present extra special by adding a bit of personal touch to it. It can be a written card, a letter with a personal message, or something unique that only you can create for a special person in your life.

Whatever the case, there’s always a way for creative people to personalize their gifts, especially if they’re giving them during the holiday season. If you’re looking for ideas, here are a couple to consider:

  • When wrapping your gifts, be creative with the process. Try to incorporate unique folding techniques or stick an origami flower on top.
  • Your words mean everything, and the more they’re directed towards someone (as opposed to just general greetings). Use colorful pens to get your words across!
Writing notes for personalized gifts
  • Instead of one large package, go for a two-in-one wrapped gift to surprise them.
  • Lastly, if you have a friend celebrating their birthday or a big day in the near future, entice them to create a gift registry so that you can give them the things they want.

It’s easy to assume what our close mutuals are looking for in their lives, but for them to tell us straight means they trust us with that information.

With that, you can truly get them the best personalized gifts in the Philippines that you can afford to give them, be it stationery, appliances, or even tech products.

SM Gift Registry Features and Benefits

Let them make the most out of it with the SM Gift Registry, a neat little app that can assist with creating the best wishlist ever.

SM Gift Registry website

Creating an SM Gift Registry account using either the website or the mobile app (Android/iOS) will only take a few seconds of your time. Enjoy free delivery and gift wrapping services, and also earn SMAC points. Plus, Registrants or celebrants are entitled to a 10% discount* when purchasing items from their wishlist. 

*10% discount on regular-priced items applies for Registrants only

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