Make your Birthday Bash Special with a Gift Registry!

Make your Birthday Bash Special with a Gift Registry
Make your Birthday Bash Special with a Gift Registry

Birthday parties are always fun to have! Not only is it a reason for close friends and family members to get together, but it’s also a cause for celebration.

Make your Birthday Bash Special with a Gift Registry

It’s only natural that you’d want to plan something extraordinary for your birthday. We recommend you take a day off planning this event by scouting restaurants or catering services and creating a birthday registry that you can share with your family and friends.

To help you out, here are a few birthday wishlist ideas that you should consider:

  • Thinking of redecorating? A new furniture can help you out! Add some cabinets or shelves to the list.
  • What about fashion? Surely you’re aching to add more to your closet. Recommend trendy new clothes and shoes or something more classic that your pals can buy for you!
  • Lastly, some comfort items might cheer you up for the rest of the month! Lotions and skin care products are always available in reliable stores like The SM Gift Registry Store!

You should create your gift registry list using The SM Gift Registry app! Creating a wishlist has never been easier, plus you’ll be able to avoid getting duplicate gifts!

Try it by visiting The SM Gift Registry website/app today!

SM Gift Registry website

Creating an SM Gift Registry account using either the website or the mobile app (Android/iOS) will only take a few seconds of your time. Enjoy free delivery and gift wrapping services, and also earn SMAC points. Plus, Registrants or Celebrants are entitled to a 10% discount* when purchasing items from their wishlist. 

*10% discount on regular-priced items applies for Registrants only

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