Memorable Gift Ideas for your furry Special Event

Did you know that you can create a gift registry for personalized events? Yes, you can, with SM Gift Registry! This means you can create a wishlist for events uniquely special to you, such as a birthday party for your cats.  

Here are some unique gift ideas you can share with your pet-loving guests. 

A clumping cat litter pack

To keep your house tidy and odor free, this clumping cat litter pack is a must on your wishlist. This double duty clumping litter helps eliminate unwanted odors instantly on contact and ensures fresh scent every time you cat uses the litter box.

A tall cat tree

Treat your furry pals to a cat condo tree tower. It encourages active play among your cats while providing them with cozy spaces to rest. The sisal-covered posts are designed for cats to scratch and stretch against, so they won’t ruin your furniture.

An air purifier for a household with pets

An air purifier is essential to your home, especially since you have pets. It traps allergens, dust, and pet dander while killing bacteria, viruses, and germs. It even has a carbon filter that neutralizes foul odor. 

Share these memorable gift ideas with your co-furparents. Doing so will let them know the perfect gifts to bring, and you can get precisely what you need for your cats. The gifts will be wrapped free of charge and can be delivered directly to you or can be picked up in-store, whichever you prefer.  Plus, enjoy 10% when you purchase regular-priced items on your wishlist.

SM Gift Registry

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