The Dos and Don’ts of Creating a Wedding Gift Registry

The dos and don'ts of creating a wedding gift registry
The dos and don'ts of creating a wedding gift registry

When creating a wishlist for your wedding gift registry, it’s important to ensure you include everything that you need to start your journey as a newly wed with items that you love and want. But it can be tricky and overwhelming to pick item to include on your list.

Here are a few dos and don’ts to help make the process a little easier when it comes to a wedding gift registry in the Philippines.

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The Dos

  • Make a list of items that range from low-cost basics, like food storage, to more expensive items, like a king-size mattress. This allows guests to pick something within their budget.
  • Include homeware items like bedding, kitchenware, cookware, and other home essentials. Your guests will appreciate that they are contributing something useful and helping you start your new life with the basics covered.
  • You may also ask for advice from the SM Gift Registry Advisors when creating your wedding wishlist. Simply visit the SM Gift Registry area at your nearest SM mall.

The don’ts

  • Don’t register for too many things. It can be overwhelming for your guests if you have too many items on your list. Try to keep the number manageable and focus on the essentials.
  • Don’t get stuck in one department or brand. This way, you’ll have a variety of gifts for your guests to choose from without feeling restricted by any one brand or category.
  • Don’t forget to register early and send the link to your guests. It is important to remember that your guests may need more time to go through your wishlist and decide on a gift.
SM Gift Registry

Following these tips will help you create a Philippine wedding gift registry that reflects your unique tastes and needs and that your guests will be proud to contribute to.

SM Gift Registry website

Creating an SM Gift Registry account using either the website or the mobile app (Android/iOS) will only take a few seconds of your time. Enjoy free delivery and gift wrapping services, and also earn SMAC points. Plus, Registrants or celebrants are entitled to a 10% discount* when purchasing items from their wishlist. 

*10% discount on regular-priced items applies for Registrants only

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