What is an Application Programming Interface API?

To support all these technological decisions without sacrificing speed, organizations adopted multiple API gateways and fragmented API management solutions. And it increases the maintenance costs — fundamentally undercutting the value of APIs. With this evolution there is a growing need for an omni control plane — analogous to the brain in a human body — across all enterprise APIs. However, they overlook the business potential of APIs as digital products and focus largely on technical use cases. Businesses large and small increasingly need to offer their customers seamless browse, search, and check-out experiences that span sites and platforms. With the proliferation of APIs, developers also utilize API management tools that allow them to monitor performance, manage traffic, and control who can access their APIs.

Examples of API Management

The vscode-snippets/ folder contains user snippets for Visual Studio Code. User snippets are helpful for streamlining workflow and simplifying document editing with autocomplete and easy navigation. Please, refer to the Visual Studio Code documentation on how to use them. Despite the clear need for governance, there is still no unified understanding on a good (or right) approach to API governance.

#6 Driving green value chains with digital twins

This may result in the loss of private and sensitive information about millions of users. APIs should be built using access controls, commonly known as authentication and authorization, that grant users permission to access certain systems, resources, or information. This means you and your customers can power digital apps and spur innovation in real time. No matter if it’s connecting marketing tools or automating daily processes, data integration is at the crux of it all.

Examples of API Management

Open-source support and a lifecycle manager are sure to come in handy too. The platform is also equipped with a self-service developer portal that empowers developers to register, share, and deploy their APIs. IBM API Connect is a user-friendly enterprise solution for API creation and management. Analytics and built-in security name some of its most appealing features. Besides speeding up development, this specific mode of API integration can boost productivity for your team.

What are API Management Tools?

The Azure gateway feature can route APIs calls, verify API keys, transform headers, and set policies by API or API endpoint. More recently, RapidAPI has made a big move towards full API management with the introduction of RapidAPI Testing and the acquisition of Paw. Paw was previously an API design software for macOS, but now—with the acquisition—is expanding into other large API Management platforms like Linux and Windows. Many of the new technologies and processes involved in designing, developing, testing, and updating APIs in the cloud became loosely known as API management. Businesses today realize that in order to continue growing at the same pace as the technology leaders they need to work with microservices in conjunction with APIs to innovate faster.

If you are a VS Code user, then we highly recommend installing this extension for the best experience. This template will create infrastructure and deploy code to Azure. If you don’t have an Azure Subscription, you can sign up for a free account here. This template provisions resources to an Azure subscription that you will select upon provisioning them. Please refer to the Pricing calculator for Microsoft Azure and, if needed, update the included Azure resource definitions found in infra/main.bicep to suit your needs.

API Creation and Design

To help with monitoring applications, the Azure Dev CLI provides a monitor command to help you get to the various Application Insights dashboards. These next steps will introduce you to additional commands that will make creating applications on Azure much easier. Using the Azure Developer CLI, you can setup your pipelines, monitor your application, test and debug locally. 9 “API Management Market Size, Share & Industry Analysis Report, 2024.” KBV Research, /api-management-market/. 3 “Microservices Architecture – the Definitive Guide | LeanIX.” Www.leanix.net, /en/microservices-architecture. The next plan up is the enterprise plan that offers pay-as-you-go ($1 per 1,000 API calls monthly), or you can contact IBM for other plan arrangements.

Examples of API Management

You can manage all your APIs in one place with Microsoft Azure API Management. Get insights through API analytics and keep your APIs secure with token, key, and IP filtering functionalities. IBM offers a free trial, although their actual pricing is harder to pinpoint from their website alone. After building API proxies, Apigee permits you to do all the other standard undertakings you’d expect from an API integration tool.

Featured API management partners

The platform teams and product managers should have consistent communication to be aware of shared assets, policies and practices. An API management platform acts as a proxy for API requests and protects the back-end services from being brought down by too many queries or breaches, intentionally or unintentionally. API management software can be built in-house or purchased as a service through a third-party provider. Some API management tools can convert existing SOAP, JMS or MQ interfaces into RESTful APIs or JSON content. The primary goal of API governance is to create a consistent experience for end users. However, it also includes API discoverability, lifecycle management, documentation and reusability.

You can also run testing, prepare documentation, as well as secure and monitor APIs via API integration tools. Business users utilize API integration tools towards better data consolidation. And it is the job of APIs to sync data, effectively and proactively.

Amazon API Gateway benefits

With IBM Connect, users can access the manager dashboard, IBM DataPower Gateway, developer portal, developer toolkit, and configurable cloud manager. Adoption of new API architectural styles and microservices increased the complexity of the modern application stack. Our research found that 54% of organizations use a service mesh and API management in conjunction today to support the API gateway design pattern. In parallel, there is broad adoption of new protocols like GraphQL or AsyncAPI, outpacing the innovation in API gateways.

  • However, the company does offer a free trial to access the Anypoint Platform.
  • In simple terms, this means you can access and manage the full API lifecycle within the Akana platform.
  • Functions of e-commerce platforms like site search and currency conversion require APIs to operate properly.
  • They are typically built for HTTP, resulting in developer-friendly interfaces that are easily accessible and widely understood by applications written in Java, Ruby, Python, and many other languages.
  • With the proliferation of APIs, developers also utilize API management tools that allow them to monitor performance, manage traffic, and control who can access their APIs.

It’s been more than twenty years since Roy Fielding released a dissertation that described the REST API architecture1. During the following decade, companies began to see the utility of web APIs in large enterprises. Additionally, in the second half of the decade, tech giants opened large web-based APIs to the public. In 2006, Facebook and Twitter released the first versions of their public APIs, allowing developers to pull data from the platform2. The same analogy holds true in the world of APIs, as ~90% of developers use APIs in their work there is a direct correlation between the use of APIs and developer productivity. Digital officers and CIOs need to add appropriate governance controls to standardize API design and improve reuse without adding friction to development timelines.

Microsoft Azure API Management

APIs are any software component that serves as an intermediary between two disconnected applications. While web services also connect applications, they require a network to do so. Where some APIs are open source, web services are typically private and only approved partners may access them. Cloud APIs power the development of cloud-based hardware and software.

Multiple Services Management

Connect applications, data, business processes, and services, whether they are hosted on-premises, in a private cloud, or within a public cloud environment. Microservices is an architectural style that divides an application into smaller, independent components (also called microservices), connected using REST APIs. Building an application as a collection of separate services enables developers to work on one application component independent of the others, and makes applications easier to test, maintain, and scale.


Many companies choose to offer APIs for free, at least initially, so that they can build an audience of developers around their brand and forge relationships with potential business partners. If the API grants access to valuable digital assets, the business monetize it by selling access. An API, or application programming interface, is a set of defined rules that enable different applications to communicate with each other. Dell Boomi is a cloud-based API solution and integration platform as a service (iPaaS) tool.

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