Why are Principal Sponsors Important in Weddings

Why are Principal Sponsors Important in Weddings
Why are Principal Sponsors Important in Weddings

Weddings celebrate the marriage between two people who love each other. And while these events often have plenty of guests, it’s a tradition for them to have godparents (ninongs and ninangs) as the main witnesses of this holy union. 

Close friends and relatives are often the ones chosen as principal sponsors. They are considered to be the couple’s most trusted people who they can count on for advice and guidance about married life.

Godparents need to be there at both the wedding and the marriage certificate signing. In fact, they are the only mandatory guests you’ll need at the government office for civil weddings.

Since these sponsors are important to the bride and groom, they can also help plan the event if asked. One of the ways they can assist the couple is by providing ideas on what they can put in their gift registry. After all, they know them best, so they can give some input on what you want to receive for your wedding.

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Along the way, don’t forget to thank and secure meaningful wedding souvenirs for your principal sponsors! Show them the love that they won’t easily forget! We recommend that you shop for quality gifts that’s easy to bring to the event like a jewelry box.

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Creating an SM Gift Registry account using either the website or the mobile app (Android/iOS) will only take a few seconds of your time. Enjoy free delivery and gift wrapping services, and also earn SMAC points. Plus, registrants or celebrants are entitled to a 10% discount* when purchasing items from their wishlist. 

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